FRONTLINE Troubleshooting (formerly aesop)


All staff are required to submit their absence(s) no less than one (1) hour prior to their scheduled reporting time in Frontline (formerly AESOP), our employee attendance and substitute dispatching system. This is critical to ensure substitutes can be contacted with enough time to accept and report to the job site.
Currently, Woonsocket Education Department utilizes a "Single Sign-on" through Google. All you need to do to get into Frontline, and many other applications in the district, is to be logged in to your WED Google account.

Step 1 - In your Woonsocket email account click the nine dots in the top right corner of your screen (aka the WAFFLE). 

Step 2 - Scroll down until you find the app for Frontline


Step 3 - Click the app to log in. (If you have multiple accounts on your device, choose your WED account)

If these steps still do not result in a successful login, then please feel free to email [email protected] or call HR at ext.625 for assistance.

Utilizing the Frontline Mobile App

Frontline offers a mobile app for ease of use In your app store search for Frontline Education and download. You must click the "Or Sign In with Organization SSO" option (see image) under the login box. DO NOT sign in with Frontline ID.

image of Frontline Login Screen


If it takes you to a web browser, click the same button again "Or Sign In with Organization SSO." The next screen will look like this:
SSO image
Enter your WED email address on this screen to login. From there you will have access to enter absences. If you are a substitute, once logged in you will be able to see available daily jobs.

Alternatively, you may still access the absence management system via calling in to 1-800-942-3767.  You will need your User ID (your phone number) and PIN previously provided to you to access the system via telephone call.

Still need some more guidance? Try the links below:

Creating an absence


Viewing Scheduled Absences

Viewing Past Absences

Using Frontline via Phone

REMINDER! If you are looking for leave balances they are not stored in Frontline. Currently leave balances are viewed via the Employee Portal, which can be found under the Finance Department.