School Resource Officer Program



This document represents an agreement between the Woonsocket Police Department and the Woonsocket School Department to engage in cooperative efforts aimed at the reduction and eventual elimination of violence in schools. It is only through this cooperation that we may restore safety in our schools and promote a secure learning environment.  This effort has been supported and will be monitored by the Attorney General’s Task Force against violence in schools. This agreement is designed to be a guide to help direct school and police interventions in the mutual goal of creating safe schools. 
In order to ensure success, the parties to this memorandum include superintendents, principals, teachers, school personnel, school bus drivers, local police, these parties agree that: 
1. All school staff members are under obligation to report any and all incidents of the possession or use of weapons by any person on school grounds to the principal, or his/her designee and police immediately.  (see definitions sheet) 

2. All school staff members are under obligation to report any and all incidents of serious assaults on other persons or school staff to the principal, or his/her designee.  Principal, or his/her designee, will determine whether an assault is so serious so as to constitute police involvement. Police will be notified by the principal, or his/her designee accordingly. 

3. The principal, or his/her designee, will coordinate all procedures in these matters with police and will report said incidents to the superintendent or designee. 
4. Upon a report of said incidents, the police department will conduct an  investigation with school officials to determine what course of action will be taken.  Parental permission must be given before the police can question the student. 
5. Where appropriate police will pursue criminal action against said persons.  

6.  School staff members are expected to cooperate with prosecuting authorities as persons are charged with such offenses.

7.  The police department may notify school officials of arrests of persons made for the safety of the school population. Police may notify school officials the first school day following the incident. 

8.  Any suspicion of weapons or assault incidents must be reported to the  principal, or  his/her designee immediately.  The principal, or his/her designee, shall report this information with the local police immediately when such suspicion presents a dangerous situation. 

9.  School administration and Law Enforcement will share such important information to prevent future violence. 
10.  The procedures contained in this Memorandum should be consistent with a zero tolerance for violence in schools. 

This represents an agreement between law enforcement and School Officials to effectuate an open line of communication to better deal with and prosecute those persons who post a threat to the safety of students in schools.