To determine eligibility for busing within the Woonsocket Education district please refer to our Bus Eligibility Information Letter.

To request transportation services due to a change of address, please fill out our Transportation Request Form and submit to your child's school secretary. There is a check box on the form for a change of address.


To be eligible for a school bus your home address must be:    2.25 miles from WHS   1.75 miles from WMS   1.0 miles from all elementary schools

• The Woonsocket Education Department does not provide transportation to/from daycare or a babysitter.  

• All changes and additions will take a minimum of four (4) school days to implement. 


1. If you have a change of address, you must complete the “Change of Address” form provided by your school. 

2. If you have a transportation request, complete the Transportation Request form provided by your school.

3. If your child is in a special needs program and it is written in his/her IEP that busing is necessary, contact the Special Education Department at the McFee Administration Building.  This includes any change of address and additions. 

4. To receive a busing waiver for a medical need, a student must obtain a detailed letter from their Primary Care Provider or specialist faxed directly to the school.  The letter must state: a. The specific illness and the risks/hazards posed by walking to and from school. b. Any precautions or medications that will be needed during the school day, including the bus ride. c. An Emergency Health Care Plan or Asthma Action Plan, which is developed in consultation with the student’s parent/guardian, primary HCP, and school health personnel (CSNT), and MUST state, in writing, that a specific physical activity will jeopardize the student’s health and well-being.  The prevention, healthcare and emergency needs for each student are documented on this individualized form (see attached). d. Any modifications that need to be made during school while in class, physical education, sports eligibility, recess and at lunch must be clearly indicated by the HCP.  Any medications that may be needed must be available in the nurse’s office or with the student. 

 5. Any conflicts or concerns regarding medical issues for busing will be reviewed by the Transportation Committee, including the Nursing Chairperson and / or WED Medical Director.                

[Adopted 10-10-07]

P4-9.1  Elementary School.  Transportation shall be provided to all elementary school pupils residing in Woonsocket who live one mile or more from the elementary school they are attending, except for children attending kindergarten outside of the district of their residence.         

[Adopted 10-10-07]

P4-9.2  Middle School.  Transportation shall be provided for middle school students residing in Woonsocket who live one and three-quarter miles or more from the middle school.         

[adpopted  10-10-07]

P4-9.3  Senior High School.  Transportation shall be provided for high school students residing in Woonsocket who live two and one-quarter miles or more from the senior high school.         

[adopted 10-10-07]

P4-9.4  Handicapped.  Transportation for handicapped children shall be provided according to the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.

P4-9.5  Vocational Schools.  Transportation shall be provided for students attending vocational schools according to the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.

P4-9.6  Nonpublic School Students.  Transportation shall be provided for nonpublic school students in accordance with the General Laws of the State of Rhode Island.

P4-9.7  Evacuation.  All students who must be evacuated from their neighborhood schools must be transported by bus to another school facility or area designated by their school principal, under the direction of the Superintendent.

At the end of the school day all students must be bused back to their home school for dismissal unless the school is deemed unsafe.  

[adopted 3/23/94]

P4-9.8  Determination of Student Transportation Eligibility    Students shall be deemed to be eligible for student transportation according to the mileage limits set forth in P4-9.1  Elementary School, P4-9.2  Middle School and P4-9.3  Senior High School. As determined by Transportation Department and use of GPS Device System.     

[amended 10-10-07]

P4-9.9  Daycare  Parents of eligible school bus riders may request students to be picked up and/or dropped off at a daycare provider or facility if the daycare provider or facility is located in the student’s normal bus route.  Such request must be made on an annual basis and for the full school year.  The bus route shall not be altered to accommodate a daycare pickup or drop-off.  A student may be allowed to ride a different bus route originating or terminating from the student’s assigned school on a space available basis only.  In no case will an accommodation for daycare result in a change in bus route.

[adopted 11/19/03]