Attendance Reporting Procedures for Employees

Reporting Absences Procedures

Regular, consistent, and reliable attendance on the job is important to the school department’s operation.  Frequent or unnecessary absence from work, tardiness in reporting to work, or leaving work early puts an added burden on fellow employees; interferes with the school department’s ability to perform its business, education; will seriously impair the value of an employee’s services; and will be sufficient cause for termination or other disciplinary action.  Whenever possible, elective surgery should be scheduled at a time that will cause the least disruption to an employee’s ability to successfully perform the functions of employee’s position.

Staff who are out as a result of illness (sick day, maternity leave, FMLA, surgery) are not to be on district property or attend district sponsored events (with the exception for union related meetings) without the express permission from the Superintendent of Schools and/or his designee.


An employee who must be absent from work is expected to notify his or her supervisor as soon as possible via Frontline and/or by calling, and to keep the supervisor regularly informed during any extended absence (three days or more).  In like manner, employees should call their supervisors if they are going to be late for work.  It is an employee's responsibility to log all absences into Frontline. 

In the event you miss the cut off time for Frontline (2hrs prior to start of shift),  you must immediately contact your building administrator AND their secretary for proper recording. Failure to do so will be considered a  “no call, no show” and may result in disciplinary action. 

All leave notifications are subject to each employee’s collective bargaining agreement (if in the union) or individual employment contract (if nonunion).

  • Sick or Family Illness: Must be reported as early as possible but no later than one hour prior to your contracted start time.
  • Bereavement: As soon as possible.
  • Military Service: As soon as military orders are received. Copies of military orders must be immediately submitted to Payroll.
  • Personal Day: Must be notified one day prior to taking the personal day minimum.
    • WTG Members – Weather Conditions for Travel to or from school are not valid reasons for personal leave.
  • Vacation Day: Must be entered no less than one full work day prior to leave. Employee’s supervisor reserves the right to exercise his or her discretion to reject an employee’s request based upon the needs of WED.
  • Religious Holidays: At least one day prior to taking leave or pay will be deducted.

Provide any medical documentation of treatment and any work restrictions to Human Resources.

Forward all on the job injury medical notes or bills that may have incorrectly been sent to you directly to Human Resources for proper processing.

If employee is released to work with accommodations, Human Resources will review job description and have a meeting with employee if needed to discuss.


Each supervisor is responsible for keeping accurate records of an employee’s absence(s).  The Woonsocket Education Department reserves the right to request a medical examination or doctor’s certificate during or following an illness.

Employees do not need to email Human Resources if they will be out.

When absent beyond the cutoff time the employee must notify their building principal AND secretary so an appropriate substitute can be obtained. Often times by telling us we do not see the email until it’s too late.

If employee misses time, enter absence into Frontline with a substitute as needed. Employees out on injury are required to use sick time unless they request in writing to use personal or vacation time.

Daily attendance reconciliation should be done to verify staff attendance in the building. Please notify HR if you have an employee who was a “no call, no show”.

Substitute Sign In’s should occur at the completion of every day. This along with a completed daily attendance reconciliation MUST be submitted to Human Resources at the completion of each day.

When employee is ready to return to work forward any letters clearing them for duty with or without accommodations to the Director of Human Resources & Labor Relations.

Medical Notes are protected by ADA & DOL regulations and should not be retained at the building level. Please forward all too Human Resources via interoffice mail.