Eureka Mathematics

Dear Parent/Guardian:

The Woonsocket Education Department is excited to be implementing the Eureka Mathematics program in grades K-2 for the 2015-16 school year. Last year 22 teachers in grades K-8 piloted the program, and this past spring the district made the decision to implement the program in grades K-2 beginning this year and grades 3-8 beginning in the 2016-17 school year. To access the website, please go to:

Eureka Math is aligned to the rigor and expectations of the Common Core State Standards and is based on a theory of teaching math in that mathematical knowledge is most coherently and effectively conveyed when it is taught in a sequence of modules that follows the “story” of mathematics itself. Each module contains a sequence of lessons that combine conceptual understanding, fluency, and application to meet the demands of each topic in each module.

The Eureka Math program contains consumable student notebooks for each module that students will use for practice as well as a parent site designed to provide you with the information to support your student. To access the parent website go to: This site includes videos, tip sheets for each module, and FAQs. Please take advantage of the resources found on the parent support site.

All teachers who are implementing the program this year will be meeting regularly with our district’s math consultant to discuss the implementation of the program as well as to participate in professional development to help assist in its implementation.

In an effort to provide parents with an understanding of the program and how concepts are taught, the Woonsocket Education Department will provide workshops during the school year. Those dates will be forthcoming from my office. Also, there will be a Eureka Math link on our district’s website. Please view the link this year, as information about the program will be kept there to help you support your student.

Should you have any questions regarding the Eureka Math program, please contact your child’s teacher.


Patrick J. McGee, Ed.D.