Parent Communication

The Woonsocket Education System utilizes several standard methods for communicating with our parent/ guardians.  Below we have outlined the methods by which we communicate.

Parent Calling System:

We use SchoolMessenger to send out emails, automated telephone calls, and text messages.  When you register your child in the Woonsocket Education Department your contact information is automatically entered in to our system.  

Daily attendance, general information messages, and emergency communications are all generated from this system.  It is important for families to keep their contact information up to date with their child's school.

Social Media:

We use Facebook and Twitter to provide updates as to the what is happening in our schools.  If you are on social media and would like to follow us please do so by following to follow us on Facebook.

District and School Websites:

Our district and all of our schools have websites that are updated on a regular basis.  From the menu at the top of the page you should be able to access all of school websites.