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Posted on 11/29/2017
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WED to Receive $1.45M from School Building Authority for Capital Improvements

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017 the Council on Elementary and Secondary Education approved the Woonsocket Education Department’s (WED) School Building Authority (SBA) Capital Improvements Funds application. The WED was approved for $1.45M in capital projects with $1.27M being funded by the SBA.  

The SBA Capital Fund is a funding mechanism designed to provide upfront funding for building projects. Approximately $9.1M will be allocated in the fiscal year 2018 State Budget, In addition to the $70.9M that will be allocated for Housing Aid commitments.

The SBA Capital Fund may be used to repair public school facilities and distributed on a priority basis to ensure that funding has the greatest impact on facility gaps in the State’s priority areas. This year the Capital Fund will target projects that address high priority areas defined by RIGL 16-105.3 (7) in LEAs with local Capital Reverse funds that commit to reinvesting state aid.

The approved project costs total $1.45M for capital improvements at Woonsocket High School and Leo A. Savoie Elementary School. Last year the Woonsocket Education Department was awarded $2,030,336 for roof replacement and safety and security upgrades at Woonsocket High School and the Woonsocket Area Career and Technical Center.

This year’s funds will be used to replace all exterior windows, replace the existing boiler, and masonry repairs at Leo A. Savoie Elementary School. At Woonsocket High School, the existing gym dividers will be replaced with new gym curtain dividers.